"Tony's exercise programme has helped me reduce my incidences of injury and has helped me make big sporting gains by training smarter." - Dave

"Tony's Quantum Flow Running Programme was instrumental in keeping me injury and pain free for the duration of my marathon training." - Tanya

"Our team have not lost a single league match this year and Tony has certainly played his part in that both in player preparation and injury prevention." - Michael

The Quantum Flow Running Concept Explained

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I encountered yet another series of injuries and turned to Tony for help and advice. Two months later I am running injury free three times a week and am planning my first 10K event very soon.


After the birth of my third child I found it hard to lose some unwanted post baby weight.  I started training with Tony in his Pilates class and with his guidance I started running not long after that. I have been using his program ever since. I am now running ½ marathon distances comfortably. 


Tony’s genius is that he has translated this knowledge into an easy-to-understand and applied approach which allows us to be the very best we can be


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Top 10 Reasons To Do Pilates

Top 10 Reasons To Do Pilates

I signed myself up for a set of 1 to 1 sessions and have not looked back since. My instructor was inspirational and my back issue was sorted. Since then I have been pain-free and enjoy a high level of strength, mobility and fitness.

Practising just 20 minutes of Pilates every morning allows me to enjoy lots of sports and activities without worrying about my old back injury.

How to turn a negative situation into a positive experience - Covid 19

How to turn a negative situation into a positive experience - Covid 19

There is a magic formula that exists for changing negative situations into positive ones but it's not a secret. However just because the information is available that does not make the implementation and outcome easy to achieve
Anti-Ageing Part 1

Anti-Ageing Part 1

In this 3 part blog series I am going to offer you a blueprint for healthier living and a system that when implemented daily will help you look and feel great. It will help you slow down Your ageing process and delay the negative attributes associated with ageing like a decline in energy levels, poor mobility and low moods. It will also help you to address any extra weight gains that may have crept on over recent years.