The Spleen

The Spleen is located on the left side of the body and is about the size of a fist.

It is tucked up under the ribcage behind the 11th & 12th ribs.

It has a soft spongy texture to it and it is responsible for the production, monitoring, storage and destruction of blood cells in the body.

In Chinese Medicine the spleen is regarded as “a key organ” whereas in conventional medicine it tends to be slightly overlooked.

The spleen has a very important roll to play within our bodies and can be likened to the “housekeeper” because as well as acting as a blood reservoir for the storage of red blood cells and the making of white blood cells it also plays a major part in destroying invading bacteria and cellular debris.

It is very closely linked to the Liver and is the governing gland in the Lymphatic system which is why a healthy spleen will keep a healthy body.

M E is a condition that has links with a dis-functioning spleen and this can be recognized by sluggish blood circulation which leads to it carrying too much waste and toxic material. This situation exerts pressure on all the bodies systems and as a result of this the body becomes sluggish and low in energy.

In order to help with the condition you need to clean the spleen & liver first and then insure that your diet supports these vital organs.

The spleen loves sesame seeds, oats and zinc.

If you do decide to take zinc in order to boost your spleen then only do so for 6 weeks.

I prefer to keep it natural.

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