Creating a Healthy Meal Strategy

You can live healthier. Here's 10 tips for you to improve your daily meals:

 1. Eat smaller portions more often.

 2. Your intake of carbohydrate must be relative to your activity level.

 3. Choose carbs that are rich in fiber eg. sweet potatoes, green peas, peaches & apples.

 4. Add a multi-vit and antioxidant to your routine.

 5. Drink plenty of water.

 6. Try to mix your food types for nutritional value and variety.

 7. Take a lean source of protein with each main meal.

 8. Eat breakfast each morning .

 9. Drink a “post-workout” shake after your exercise.

 10. Include plenty of fiber in your diet.


Fiber plays an important part in the health of the digestive system. It regulates the blood sugar levels and can contribute greatly to improved cardiovascular health.

Fiber is mostly found in carbohydrates, so people who follow a low-carb diet plan may find themselves being deprived of vital nutrition.

Fiber is found in green leafy vegatables and oatmeal.

If you are looking to cut down on the amount of calories you take in then the best thing is to cut them out of your drinks.

Try and replace your soft fizzy drinks and juices with water.

Without those calories to burn your body will start to burn the quality carbs you are eating for energy and this should lead to fat loss and weight loss too.

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