How to Construct a Healthy, Daily Routine That Will Boost Your Energy (Part 2)

In part two of this three-part series, I'm going to show you how you can construct a daily health routine that will give you enough energy to live life to the max. 

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Physical Wellbeing

During the day when you're preoccupied with work, it's very easy to forget about yourself and how you are feeling until it's time for a break, and it's easy to overlook how much water you have taken in or not. You need to remember that as well as probably being dehydrated, your brain has been working very hard too, and that your it needs to have it's energy supply continuously topped up on an ongoing basis.

The brain uses up approximately 20% of the body's energy supply, and needs to be refueled regularly as it does not have anywhere to store energy. In a previous Quantum Leap blog post, I talked about how to increase your productivity levels at work, a post that's worth reading if you haven't done so already.

In this post I mentioned the Pomodoro technique. If you set a timer to remind you to drink water and eat a small amount of protein on a regular basis throughout the day you will be able to continue to work with a higher level of concentration and creativity.

Lightbulb Focus

As soon as you even noticed that you are thirsty and low in energy your productivity levels will have already been reduced by about 20%. Finding the correct source of protein can be difficult and most people just opt for quick fix sugary snacks which do provide a burst of energy for a couple of minutes but you end up feeling even tireder and wanting even more sugar within about 30 minutes. To avoid these sugar cravings and the unwanted gradual weight gain they can be responsible for over an unnoticed period of time, you should opt for protein.

The supplement I take first thing in the morning is All Day Energy - this provides my body with all the natural and complex building blocks that I need to fuel my body and brain till lunch time. Equipped with enough physical energy I can easily bypass the sugar cravings for the whole day. Then in the early afternoon I take a mix of organic Hemp powder and organic Spirulina powder. This again provides me with all the nutrition I need to stay focused and energised well into the evening.

Mental Wellbeing

So now that we've taken care of the physical needs, it's time to look at the mental requirements. For these, there are only two techniques that you need to know about and practice.

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Firstly you need to be aware of your breathing. When we get anxious or stressed our heart rate increases and that triggers a set of negative responses throughout the body which deplete your energy levels and disengage your brain every time. To combat feeling like this, you just have to focus on your breathing. Make it smooth and even and count to four on your inhale and from four down to one on your exhale. On every exhale also focus on letting your shoulders soften down away from your ears.

So to recap on your plan for during your work day

  • Pomodoro technique for writing reports and desk work
  • 5 minute relaxation before lunch
  • Healthy lunch and snacks
  • Plenty of water
  • Hemp and Spirulina drink in the early afternoon

That's it for part two. Part three will be released next Saturday

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