How I found All Day Energy

I used to come home and sink straight into the sofa. Sometimes I barely had enough energy to eat. I would play with my kids but feel like a zombie. When they went to sleep, I did too. I had no time for the things I loved or hobbies I used to enjoy.

Galway Bay

So I did what most people would do. Nothing! If you’re on this page then I want to say a quick congratulations, because you’re already one step ahead of where I was. For years I did my best using the natural health resources and information that I could get my hands on, because I was naive enough to think that tiredness was normal and I would be able to overcome it naturally. I want to say now that this is not the case, and in order to harness and sustain the daily potential that good fitness gives you, the underlying source of all energy is fuel - a.k.a nutrition.

The reason I know this is because I’ve come full circle. When I finally decided to see if I could boost my energy levels to match my energy needs, I was given plenty of caffeine based options, but nothing natural.  From a young age I had always been interested in health and fitness (and it would later become my career), so I got onto Google and started to search. Internet searches led to articles which led to blogs and then books. I read quite a lot at the time and started to notice something interesting.

What I found was not part of some craze. It works now, has worked in the past, and will work in the future. It provides high levels of natural zinc to boost your immune system, an abundance of trace elements, glutathione to reduce oxidative stress, and is about as natural as it can get. I had found… Oysters!

Yes, I laughed too, but the more research I did, the more everything pointed to oysters. Nutrients that are bioavailable? Oysters. Natural zinc? Oysters. Increased energy levels? Oysters. Not to mention faster wound and injury healing and a ton of other benefits.

Sourcing quality oysters can be difficult, and let’s face it, nobody is going to eat oysters everyday for the rest of their life. You’ll either get bored or run out of money. Maybe both. So I set myself the challenge of trying to find a solution to the problem.

Living in Ireland I’ve always known the country is famed for its oysters. I’d been lucky enough to try them in a wonderful local restaurant in Galway, so I took a trip to the west coast knowing this was where the best Irish oysters are.

I was greeted by a member of staff and we put on a pair of waders each and moved through the knee high Atlantic waters. He told me how he sold his oysters to bars and restaurants. I was intrigued.

Not long after my trip to Galway I had a chance meeting with a Marine Biologist who was involved in taking the very same Galway Oysters, shelling them, drying them and making them into a powdered natural supplement

Salthill Galway

He was able to tell me a lot about free radicals and how they cause oxidative stress, which brings on fatigue, compromised immunity, premature ageing and reduced libido. I had also been reading about glutathione; the naturally occurring antioxidant boosted by oysters. It’s cheesy to say, but the oysters just kept getting better and better!

I wanted people to know what the supplement did, so I called it All Day Energy. I knew some people didn’t like the taste of oysters, so the supplement is taste free. I wanted it to be affordable, but like any natural food, prices vary. Good Irish oysters that you take home and cook yourself usually cost around €1 each. There are 100 oysters in a bottle of All Day Energy. If a bottle of All Day Energy is €49.95, I’ll let you work out the savings.

Each bottle gives you one month of energy. That’s consistent, natural energy that your body can actually use for less than a cup of coffee in your local cafe. All Day Energy is FDA and WADA approved, and is used to power athletes, entrepreneurs and men and women alike.

In the end, I’ve been able to take my evenings back, the very thing I set out to achieve when I started this whole project off. But one thing is certain. Now matter how much energy I have, I can never quite seem to master the piano!

I usually have a few 7 Day Free Trial bottles of All Day Energy I give to clients who come to my holistic health centre. I asked for a few more to be made so I could put them up on my site. There are a limited number still available, and I’d really recommend having a try. I do have to cover shipping costs, but that’s all you pay, I promise!

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