How to turn a negative situation into a positive experience - Covid 19

Have you ever heard of Alchemy?

In ancient times Alchemists were reported to have had the ability to turn lead into gold and this concept was then interpreted by some spiritualists to be the ability for a human to turn negative (lead) into positive (gold) I love this idea and I think we should all strive to become an Alchemist.


The original Alchemists spent many years training and experimenting with secret formulas to perfect their art. We too need to spend time training and experimenting with formulae except nowadays we call this ancient art of Spiritual Alchemy - "Personal Development"

There is a magic formula that exists for changing negative situations into positive ones but it's not a secret. However just because the information is available that does not make the implementation and outcome easy to achieve. It will still take you time and discipline to develop the ability to successfully perform Human Alchemy.

For me, achieving Quantum Flow is all about practicing and mastering the art of Human Alchemy and having the ability to turn my personal, negative/heavy lead into positive / gold.

Right now you may be facing a challenge in your life such as "Covid 19" that is causing fear and panic in your body and mind. We all experience these states of fear and anxiety, but there is a way to lessen the duration and impact of these negative feelings. By adopting the concept of "Crisis Management " adhered to by all successful business and sports professionals you can learn how to overcome negative situations and turn them into positive outcomes.

How do you do this and where do you start?

Crisis management in its most basic form has three simple rules.

Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Identify

Step 3: Attack

When we follow these three rules we can write, develop and practice our alchemic formula.

Prepare   x   Identify  +  Attack  =  Harmony(gold)

When you multiply preparation x identification you will be magnifying your coping skills and awareness greatly.

Then when your awareness is elevated and you have the skills required to overcome the issue that is causing you to be fearful or anxious you will have the mental and physical energy to attack the situation. Once the situation is confronted you will find that the fear is removed and you will have gained experience in the art of moving from negative to positive and discovered the ability to find harmony or as I call it Quantum Flow.

Step 1: Prepare:

 It's easier if you start to prepare yourself at a time when you aren't in a state of fear or anxiety. However, most people wait until they are deep in the grip of fear before they start to look for a way to deal with a negative situation. Because we are all going through some sort of negativity all the time I recommend that you start your preparation phase ASAP.  Don't wait any longer.

The preparation phase is all about cultivating the art of Discipline. Building and practicing a daily self–help routine that you will be able to rely on when things go wrong is essential. You need to move from the reactive mindset into a proactive mindset.

1: When you breathe – think Expansion. By practicing simple breathing techniques you will calm the central nervous system and lower acid levels in your body. Breathing exercises should also focus on strengthening your lungs. Breath fully and strongly.

2: When you exercise – think Decompression. Exercise systems like Pilates and Yoga Decompress the organs, glands, muscles, and joints in your body. This means that it will take less energy for you to run all the systems in your body and will help you cultivate energy.

3: When you eat – think Nutrition. The right food choices will provide energy for your body.  The right food choices will also regulate your moods and therefore help you to avoid energy rushes and the energy dips that follow the rushes.

Step 2: Identify:

Developing your Awareness is the key here. When you are more aware of what is going on inside yourself and in your surroundings, you will be faster at spotting when something doesn't feel right. Acting on these gut feelings is critical for personal development. The earlier you can spot a problem the smaller it is lightly to be. Then, you will use less mental and physical energy sorting out the problem.

Step 3: Attack

Having the mental and physical energy to sort out a problem will help you move from a state of fear and panic to a state of relaxation and fulfillment. Once you have identified the issue causing your fear you need to take action. Attack the situation to resolve the issue completely as soon as possible.  It's important to be able to assess every perceived problem with a clear mind and know what your desired outcome is before you attack the issue.

When you are calm, composed and energised you will feel a whole lot more positive. So when a negative situation arises in the future you will be able to change it from lead to gold.

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