Why I donated 70% of profits from my new book to Pieta House

Pieta House has helped over 30,000 people in suicidal distress or engaging in self-harm and established twelve subsequent centres across Ireland. That's why I donated 70% of profits from the launch of my new book Quantum Flow Running to this extremely worthwhile charity.

Jogging in Sunset

The current social and economic challenges that we are living with on a daily basis have contributed greatly to a massive increase in negative mental health issues in the last 10 years and I think everyone is well aware of that. However, there are still very few organisations dealing with the crisis and the ones that are, seem to be faced with the continuous need to raise funds in order to cope with the ever increasing need for their invaluable services.

Pieta House is one such organisation and while I have not experienced their care first hand, I am aware that some of my clients whom I now count as good friends have been very grateful for the service that Pieta House has offered them in the past.

Without this critical service I may have never had the opportunity to meet these great people and for that I am very grateful to Pieta House as are all their families and friends.

I genuinely believe that everyone goes through times when their moods can turn negative especially during the teenage years. Sport, and in particular running, has played a large part in my life and I will always remember my Mum tactfully suggesting to me to 'go for a run' if she felt that my mood was a bit low and I always felt much better when I was finished.

Many charities look towards raising funds through sporting events and nowadays charity fun run events take place most weekends with the highlight of the calendar being a local or international marathon. It takes a lot of dedication to prepare for an event and when you purchase this book you will be helping a most worthy charity as well as gaining essential knowledge that will greatly improve the way you train for any sport.

My new book Quantum Flow Running is now on sale.


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