Every Player Needs a Coach: The Value of a Mentor

“Most people don't recognise opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work”
Thomas Edison 

Has anyone at work ever told you that you have a short fuse? Maybe at home it's been brought to your attention that you're hard to relax with. Difficult to talk to. That you're always grumpy and on edge

These days it's not just the corporate world where there's a large amount of stress floating around, but life in general. It's also why all the most successful business and sports people receive coaching on a regular basis. The reason coaching and mentoring is seen as so important is because we in the end we all lose sight of our goals. Coaching makes sure we stay on track. It takes the pressure off us and allows us to focus on the immediate and most important tasks at hand which in turn allows us to achieve our very best on a daily basis.

Why you need a mentor

A health coach is not someone that you may have ever considered working with in the past, but there is nothing more important than your health. The massive, swift and continuous development of technology is speeding up the pace at which we live. As technology gets faster it sucks up more and more of our valuable time, and it's forcing us to live at a pace that humans have not been able to keep up and evolve with. In other words technology is evolving much faster than humans. We now require way more energy to keep up with the pace of life. We find ourselves tired and burnt out just barely holding on till our next day off or longer vacation. It's time to install a personal health and energy upgrade that allows us keep up with or maybe even stay one step ahead of the new pace of living.

Many of us see technology as a best friend and use or consume as much of it as possible. This is where the problem starts. We need to see technology as a tool that must be harnessed and controlled. If we consume as much of it as possible it will eventually consume us. The lure of all you can eat data may sound appealing but it's only an advertisement to get you hooked and consuming more. Technology has become the new addictive drug of this century. We need to view technology in the same way we view alcohol and chocolate. They are ok for us in small amounts but if you consume large amounts of them on a daily basis you will get ill.

Too much technology

If you happen to be very successful in your chosen industry and work long hours, then you are most likely absorbing high levels of stress and find it hard to switch off, relax and enjoy any free time you have including the luxurious lifestyle that you work so hard to achieve. If you happen to be an entrepreneur who spends long hours multitasking, you are most likely tired and stressed out while playing out business strategies and scenarios in your mind on your down time. An entrepreneur will tend to look towards advancements in technology to move their business forward but if he/she does not have the energy, focus and motivation to deploy the technology to the best of its ability they are wasting their time and money investing in the tech in the first place.

And that's where the value of a health coach is worth its weight in gold. Being able to teach you simple techniques to help you achieve a consistently high level of energy that can power you through the day and then be able to switch off from work and dissolve any negative stress you may have absorbed during the day will help you enjoy the fruits of your labour with the ones you love.

Over the years, our ability to achieve good health has been almost taken away from us. We have started to believe that only doctors have the power to make us well and we are now 'dependant' on them rather than 'independent' of them. My philosophy is keep it simple. Minimum investment for maximum returns. I recommend everyone to build a daily routine and focus on perfecting the basics that will keep you relaxed, energised and happy. And I am happy to help.

Have a simple routine

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