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SportsMax is a natural cardiovascular therapy suitable for men and women over 20 years of age and developed in Ireland. It is a mixture of amino acids, L-arginine and L-citruline, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a powdered drink formulation which has been shown to have positive effects on sports performance and cardiovascular health. It is FDA and WADA approved.

Substantially improving full body circulation has been proven to enhance sports performance and endurance levels while speeding up reaction and recovery times. That's why we all choose to warm up before training or taking part in an eventt. 

In 1998 Dr. Louis Ignarro was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery of the effects that a naturally occurring molecule, nitric oxide, has on our bodies, and in particular our cardiovascular system.

SportsMax is formulated to take advantage of these findings and is designed tto help you create the right amount of nitric oxide and get the most out of every fitness session. While the extra vitamins and amino acids provide the nutrition required to help your muscles to recover faster.

By improving your circulation pre and post workout you can achieve:

  •        Increased Energy Levels,
  •        Reduced Body Fat,
  •        Faster Recovery from Exercise
  •        Quicker Reaction Times
  •        Better Immune System Function
  •        Greater Endurance Levels
  •        Offset the symptoms of Fatigue

Product Testimonials

"As a competitive racing cyclist, I researched non-sugar based hydration and recovery drinks to help me while training and competing. I discovered Sportsmax and found it to excel not only in assisting me in replacing lost nutrients and hydration but enabling me to perform for longer and recover quicker. I would highly recommend Sportsmax for all active athletes and competitors"

Dublin Wheelers
Dublin, Ireland

"I love to train first thing in the morning and have found it difficult over the years to get a pre training product that has the ability to deliver energy on an empty stomach without making me cramp up . SportsMax ticks all the boxes for me."

Gym Instructor