Biographical Information about Tony Lawless

I completed my first healing course in 1998 in an effort to speed up the healing of a bad knee injury which I received while playing rugby. The course centered on enhancing energy flow through the body in order to encourage healing to take place. Since then, I have studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bio-Testing & Therapy and Pilates.

In 2004 I started to study Cranio-Sacral Therapy which has given me a deep insight into the physical and emotional needs of human beings. This fantastic therapy has also provided me with a deep understanding of a much overlooked and critical part of the body - The Fascia.

I completed my advanced level training in the art of Bio-Testing in 2008 and have continued to enhance the techniques in order to make them available for children and babies. Bio-Testing is a very little known and practiced therapy. However it has the power to detect toxic overloads in the immune system, pinpoint where the source of the problem is located and offer a homeopathic solution to the issue in a practical, accurate and non-invasive way.

My love for sport, fitness and the resurfacing of an old back injury in 2007 lead me to practice and then study Pilates. Pilates very quickly gave me back my mobility and over the years I have studied this simple exercise system with a view to gaining a deeper understanding as to why it is so efficient at rehabilitating and strengthening the human body. Although I have put many of the health and fitness jigsaw pieces together there are always new insights just around the corner which I will continue to share with you as they arrive.

I feel that quality nutrition is one of the keys to giving people the physical energy to stay looking and feeling young and the mental energy to achieve high levels of success. In a fast moving world we all need every health advantage we can access. My range of supplements coupled with some simple, well proven health hacks will help you achieve optimum wellbeing.

Best wishes