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Tony Lawless Quantum Flow Performace

After attempting to speed up the healing of a bad knee injury which I received while playing rugby, I got interested in natural healing methods and completed my first holistic health course in 1998. The course centred on removing physical restrictions and enhancing energy flow through the body to accelerate recovery and healing. Since then, I have studied Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bio-Testing & Therapy and Pilates.

The information on this site is here to give you all the tools you need to achieve more mental and physical energy. I’ve set up a blog that tackles questions I’ve been asked by clients throughout my career as well as creating a range of natural supplements to help you cope with the demands of today’s fast paced world.

I respond to as many emails and questions as I can, so feel free to get in contact via the contact page here. Check out my Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel.



Quantum Flow Performance Philosophy

Technology is speeding up and consuming more and more of our valuable time. It is forcing us to live at a pace that humans have not been able to evolve with. In other words technology is evolving much faster than humans. We now require way more energy to keep up with the pace of life. We find ourselves tired and burnt out just barely holding on till our next day off or our next vacation.

We see technology as a best friend and consume as much of it as possible and this is where the problem starts. We need to see technology as a tool that must be harnessed and controlled. If we consume as much of it as possible, it will eventually consume us.

The lure of “all you can eat data” may sound appealing but it is only an advertisement to get you hooked and consuming more. Technology has become the new addictive drug of this century. We need to view technology in the same way we view alcohol and chocolate. They are ok for us in small amounts, but if you consume large amounts of them on a daily basis you will become ill.

When we finally get our down time, it takes several days just to try and feel a little relaxed and “normal” again. That feeling of freedom, which you might experience on about day 4 of our vacation, in itself should be enough to set the alarm bells ringing that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way we are living.

The quality of time we spend with the people we love decreases because our energy levels are continuously at a low level.

So how do we overcome this modern day problem that technology has dropped in our lap? The answer is simple. We need to develop our own piece of internal software, an internal self-checking system that lets us know when we have had enough of anything that is not good for us and is not contributing to us leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. In essence we must upgrade our self-awareness software.

In order to tech-proof ourselves while being able to embrace all the great technological advancements available around us and develop our self-awareness software we must 10X our energy levels.

We can improve our energy levels through nutritional supplements, specific exercises and the correct mindset.