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Boost Your Energy Naturally

Naturally increase your energy levels with All Day Energy, a 100% Natural FDA and WADA approved  Whole food supplement. 

Want To Regain Your Mental & Physical Energy (THE EASY WAY) ? and Dramatically Increase Your Stamina and Reduce Inflammation 

If there was a natural whole food supplement that could help you:

  • Improve Stamina and Endurance
  • Boost your Immune system function
  • Improve you memory and focus
  • Help you lose unwanted belly fat
  • Dramatically lower inflammation. 

Would you be interested?

What is All Day Energy?

All Day Energy is a pure oyster supplement. It is a natural, high potency shellfish extract powder produced from the pristine waters off the west coast of Ireland and supplied in a taste free capsule.

Benefits for Women

  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Increase endurance and speed up recovery times
  • Support healthy hair, skin & nails
  • Improve energy levels
  • Maintain a strong immune system
  • Support healthy digestion

Benefits for Men

  • Increase strength, stamina and endurance
  • Faster injury healing
  • Supports strong hair growth
  • Slow down the ageing process

All these benefits are naturally available from this single wholefood supplement because the nutrition it contains (59 Trace Elements, 12 Vitamins and 19 Amino Acids, Essential Fish Oils EPA and DHA) provides the body with the essential building blocks to strengthen the mitochondria (powerhouse) of our cells.

It also causes a natural spike in the body's ability to produce a substance called glutathione.

What is glutathione? 

Oxidative damage, especially to the powerhouse of our cells (mitochondria), causes our cells to produce less energy. As a result, all chemical reactions in the body suffer from reduced efficiency. Symptoms of oxidative damage include fatiguecompromised immunitypremature ageing and reduced libido.

Our bodies naturally produce an antioxidant called Glutathione to help us cope with the damage being done by excessive amounts of free radicals that are created by us during times of exercise and stressful living. Glutathione is a major antioxidant in the body and it protects all cells from oxidative damage.

Glutathione slows down the damage being done to our bodies by free radicals which float around bumping into and damaging our healthy cell walls. We are then prone to a reduction in energy levels, premature ageing and decreased immune function.

Clinical trials on human volunteers have shown that the bioactive compounds in our oysters have a direct effect on the antioxidant capacity of blood serum. This effect was seen very quickly. Free radicals in the blood were reduced by 90% within 8 days of starting the treatment.

This effect was due partly to the direct antioxidant effect of certain bio actives in All Day Energy and also in part due to the discovery that the product increased the production of glutathione in the body. The free amino acids in oysters have also been clinically proven to protect the body from oxidative damage.

Endurance athletes, stressed out professionals, individuals exposed to environmental stresses such as UV light, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, all suffer from higher than normal levels of oxidative stress/free radical build up. The fatigue and tiredness associated with this oxidative stress has been shown to be reduced by taking oysters.

What are the benefits of Oysters?

According to research, the nutritional properties found in oysters can be beneficial in the treatment of many conditions. This high potency shellfish can help increase energy levels and offset the symptoms of fatigue.

The high levels of zinc contained in oysters also serves to boost the immune system as it can stimulate the thymus gland to produce thymulin. Thymulin regulates T-cells and T4 Helper cells which are key to the body’s immune defence system. Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc10 times higher in fact than the next source, which is red meat. However, the oyster also has important zinc cofactors such as manganese, copper and selenium. 

Taking synthetic zinc on it’s own can be dangerous as too much is as bad as too little and other elements like copper can become depleted if zinc is taken on it’s own. The oysters in All Day Energy are specifically targeted for harvesting to provide the maximum amount of trace elements available.

Oysters can also help maintain collagen and keratin production for faster wound and injury healing, healthier skin, hair and nails.

How much zinc does All Day Energy contain?

All Day Energy contains 4.0 mg of zinc per 4 capsules, a safe amount of natural organic zinc to supplement your diet.

What are the benefits of trace elements in Oysters? 

The trace elements in Oysters are known to control over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. Many of these regulate processes, which govern the way energy is created and utilised by the body. For example, oysters contain the building blocks for some of the enzymes, which regulate insulin production, which in turn controls blood sugar levels. Fatigue can also occur in cases of heavy metal toxicity. Oysters contain selenium, which has an antagonistic relationship with mercury and can therefore help detoxify the body. Oyster extract has been used traditionally for centuries for liver cleansing and the trace elements in Oysters have been shown to be beneficial in aiding the release of energy from the liver.

What are the antioxidant effects of Oysters?

The antioxidant effects of oysters are also beneficial during times of ill health as the body undergoes massive oxidative stress in certain situations. People undergoing chemo and radiotherapies are particularly prone to oxidative stress and impaired immunity. This natural oyster supplement has been used successfully for more than a decade in France as an adjuvant to the side effects of such therapies.

Can oysters increase testosterone? 

Trace elements in oysters are known to increase free testosterone in the blood, which promotes increased libido in both sexes. For men, the high organic zinc content in All Day Energy can increase sperm production and maintain good prostate health. Sperm contains 700 times more zinc than is found in blood plasma and the prostate contains more zinc than any other organ in the body. Low zinc levels can result in prostate swelling, low sperm counts and loss of libido.

Other benefits of oysters

Research carried out in 2006 by Japanese researchers showed that components found in oysters improved lipid metabolism and suppressed increases in blood pressure. As such it has been shown to be a physiologically functional food capable of improving cardiovascular health.

Further research is currently being carried out on this product both in Ireland in two Universities, and by the Cellular and Microbiological Unit of the French Army to see what other bioactive properties are contained. The French investigation is being carried out as troops operating in hostile situations undergo massive oxidative stress on the body, and they want to see how this product can help alleviate some of the fatigue and illness associated with this. 

What is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the extent to which a nutrient or medication can be used by the body. The trace elements in oysters are bound to the transport molecules (peptidesamino acids) which make them considerably more bioavailable. The high concentrate of amino acids and peptides are also directly available to the blood once consumed making them very fast acting. Other supplements, such as synthetic mineral supplements, need to bind to the transport molecules during digestion before they can be absorbed.

All of the trace elements available in All Day Energy are present in significant yet balanced concentrations, ensuring they all work in harmony as nature intended. None of the nutrients are present in concentrations that could upset your body’s natural mineral and nutrient balance.


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DOSAGE: For best results, we recommend you take 3 capsules each morning before food with a glass of water. Not a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. NOT IRRADIATED.